Meet ash k


 Just call me Ash. I'm a little chick with a big heart. I love what I do and sarcasm
is part of my job description. Yes really, you wouldn't believe how much it helps!

I have been developing and running my little biz for 4 years and weddings are like oxygen to me, yes weddings are my full time job! So life is always busy, with wedding chatter constantly coming at me, to do lists coming out my ears, on top of being a mummy, organisation is certainly embedded into our lifestyle, although a chilled and random day on the couch is always appreciated!

Although my weekends may be jam packed full of florals, travelling, planning and meticulously fiddling with décor and stationery, it is worth that moment once it's all styled, perfected and set to stand back and go. Holy Crap! Did I just do that? I have the freedom to create such beautiful memories for other people every season that a weekend is merely my Monday & Tuesday to have my head down and butt up to create someone's happily ever after.