why hire
a pro?


Because, because because... just a few reasons why it may save your sanity.


The stress, who needs it? 

Styling, planning or coordinating your own day, not the dream scenario you had in mind. I’m  thinking you’d  be  loving to get your hair done, relaxing with your besties and taking the day  in, right? On the other hand, setting tables, moving chairs and putting in hours of time with  flowers and phone calls could be relaxing, for some? Then again it sounds like the worst  possible way to start your wedding day.

Leaving the behind the scenes to a pro means you  can think of absolutely nothing and know that someone who does this for a living is dealing  with the details, making the phone calls, liaising with suppliers and all in all pulling your day you have prepared for months or even years together for you! 

The details, we love the nitty gritty! 

Leaving the styling to a professional means you’ll have someone doing all that fiddly work that cares about all those finer details just as much as you do! We love ensuring every place setting is perfected, place cards are centred and florals are looking spritely from your ceremony to your reception. No detail goes unnoticed with a pro on your side. And more often than not we have work with these exact suppliers and/or venue before, so we know how, when and who to chat to for a smooth set up and pack down.

The dollars... yes it will cost a little bit
but we will make it worth it! 

Looking over the cost of hiring someone to arrange your florals, style your space and chat with your suppliers may give you a mini stroke, but we have done this leg work before. We know the hours it takes to organise, set and perfect every aspect! The dollar amount is merely a price tailored to you that we have broken down to ensure our staff are paid for the time we know it takes to complete this beautiful day from start to finish.