White & Weddings... What is acceptable these days?

White and weddings go hand in hand and have for decades. Traditionally the bride is wearing that incredible white dress whilst her beloved guests are sporting a variety of colour palettes, patterns etc. The bride is ideally the only person at the wedding unless otherwise specified, however I know myself (even at my own wedding) I did see a few rule breakers...

However, there is only one exception to this rule, yes there is an exception! The bridesmaids most certainly CAN wear white! Yes! Decades ago the bridesmaids traditionally wore white as well, this was to confuse the evil spirits on the wedding day, therefore leaving the bride protected and safe for a happy marriage. This tradition did wear off over the last 40 or so years, with brides selecting a certain colour palette for their wedding with the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s attire working within that colour scheme. However of late, we are starting to see white bridesmaids dresses creep back into the wedding scene. Anything from identical, different styles and even lengths for the girls. Anything goes these days!

white dresses bendigo.jpg
White dress bendigo.jpg

The one big no no of white at weddings is guests. Guests are advised not to wear white as there should only be one person in white (excluding the bridesmaids of course) at the wedding! No ifs, or buts, it’s a big no no! If you happen to have an eggshell or cream dress, or a dress that has more than 75% white then it’s always best to check with the future Mrs to ensure she is ok with it. This way everyone is happy and there is no cranky pants on the wedding day.

Above all, if it’s not your wedding, steer clear of white. It’s that simple. A wedding is the one opportunity for a girl to wear that big white dress, so to keep yourself from getting snarky looks or ruining a friendship and simply opt for any other colour of the rainbow.

Images via Nouba Blog & Green Wedding Shoes