Bridesmaids Part 1 - She Said How Much?

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is such an honour and a happy moment between two people. To share in your friends, sisters, mothers or relatives wedding can be a joyous and memorable time. However this wonderful duty can come at a cost and if you’re not prepared/able to spend the $$$ it may need to be considered thoroughly. 

The cost of being a bridesmaid has slowly increased over the years, and depending on the style, location and date of the wedding it can be a costly experience from the get go. However, if your bride is a little more laid back, wants a chic backyard doo, allowing you all to select your own dress and doesn’t fuss about hen’s weekends, pampering or expensive shoezies then it shouldn’t hit your bank account too hard; some can get away with only spending a few hundred dollars and looking absolutely amazing with the bride happier than ever. Winner!

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However if your bride is a little more in love with diamonds, crystals, spa weekends, hens parties, bridal showers and a specific idea of your dresses, then be prepared to dish out a little more to accommodate with her wedding and desires, although that doesn’t mean you have to purchase that $800 olive green silk dress with matching shawl and sparkly shoes you’ll never wear again, if you simply cannot afford it. You have to find a middle ground to ensure your budget and her happiness are met and we don’t have a Bridezilla on our hands!

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It can be challenging to have a chat with the leading lady and advise her that your cash flow is a little low these days and after paying your rent, bills, fuel and food there is not much to spare for that much loved spa weekend, however compromising on a few details can easily take this conversation from unpleasant to cocktails and braiding hair…

It’s as simple as working through dress options and budgets together, opting for DIY mani pedi’s and even down to doing your own hair or make-up. The bride herself may choose to pay for a small handful of things, however keep in mind she is splashing out enough cash for the big day and everything that comes with it so she may not have enough to spend on her maids as she would like.

The important thing is to communicate with each other and chat about the details to ensure everyone is on the same page and the wedding day is nothing but wonderful memories, wrapped in hugs, smiles and rainbows!

Images: Via Pinterest