Bridesmaids Part 2 - Heck Yes or Hell No!

The immediate feeling you get when a friend, sister or relative asks you to be a bridesmaid is ‘Heck yeah!’ However once you’ve gotten over the initial excitement and begin to set into your new found role you may feel a little overwhelmed or perhaps you made a snap decision. But don’t get me wrong, not everyone feels this way. Many take on the responsibility from the get go with the utmost importance, enthusiasm and organisation that the bride wants and it’s an exciting adventure from start to finish!

Having been asked is a true honour, yet there is still those all important questions… What really comes with being a bridesmaid? Do I have to wear a gross gown? Do I put my life on hold to attend to her every need? Do I have to listen to her chat about wedding crap all the time? Do I really have to hold her dress while she pees? The questions are endless...   

A bridesmaids duties can be extensive, from assisting with wedding details, organising the shower/hens night, schmoozing the guests at the wedding and ensuring the honeymoon suite is organised and ready to go! However, each bride is different; some are more laid back and are happy for you to help wherever or some just want to do it all themselves; Then you get the occasional one that wants you here, there and everywhere and in on every detail! That can be a little frustrating and overwhelming to a first time bridesmaid and may simply have you hating the experience and wishing you said no...

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However there are ways to understand where you’re needed, what things you should know about and what you should be on top of, simply talk to the bride! Ask her what aspects she needs help with, where you feel you could be of assistance (if you’re a keen scrapbook nut, see if she’d like to you make the invitations and save her some cash!) Whatever the situation just speak with the bride and generally she is more than happy to have your help, making it easier for you both and overall have you smiling through this process.

So if you don’t want to wear that awful olive green bridesmaids gown with pink sash, sparkly shoes and matching head gear, then before the deposit goes down have chit-chat with the soon to be Mrs and see what agreement you can come up with. This will make the process, your role and her attitude rosy and stress free from saying ‘Heck yeah’ to ‘I Do.’

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